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CAAD: Revit and AutoCAD

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

During the Summer Semester 2020, I took a course called CAAD ( Computer Aided Architectural Design). During this class, i had to learn how to use Revit and AutoCAD. Before taking this class, I knew how to use AutoCAD but my skills were very basic Therefore I was very excited to take this class because i was very interested in different architectural softwares. Unlike my design classes, the criteria of this course was very straight forward. Make projects using the tools taught during class and that was it. There was no hassle, that my windows aren't high enough or if the materials i used weren't interesting enough.

I first started using AutoCAD, i made plans for houses and i was amazed at the ease and how fast i would finish from my work. In many ways using AutoCAD, was much more convenient than drawing by hand. I did have some difficulty at the beginning and i think my professor sensed my uncertainty and gave me a ton of plans to practice on. Thankfully that helped me alot.

After completing my Midterm, my Professor quickly moved to Revit. I was tasked to make 2 houses. One of the designs had to be a semi-detached houses and the other to be a regular house. For my regular house design, i had to make an canopy, storefront glass wall and a curtain wall using revit. I added an additional floor in the plan using the stairs option which is honestly amazing. I also added a ramp and stairs towards the entrance. When i first started using Revit, i thought it was like making a 3D Model but after making this project, i found out it was so much more than that. The software allows you to put light fixtures, it links with HVAC system, make solar studies and renderings. It's also so user-friendly, i had a blast using it.

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