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CAAD: Final Semi-Detached House Project

During the Summer Semester 2020, I had to design a Semi-Detached House, the rooms included are a Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, 3 Bedrooms, Toilets, Pool and Garage. Each house had to be 300-500m2. Like every other project, i researched examples of Semi-Detached Houses, i learnt that i had to build two identical houses that are separated by a shared wall in between them. These types of houses are commonly found in the UK.

My professor encouraged the class to design anything we wanted however there was a strict criteria for the garden and toposurface of the project. With that in mind, I placed the dining room at the end of the house with large storefront glass walls allowing it to have the view of the garden and the pool. I also changed the height of the dining room roof, for it to be higher and allow more air circulation and i added skylight on the roof to add different light flows into the room.

I added horizontal and vertical wood beams and grey concrete beams, across the rooms to vary the textures of the house. On the sides i additionally placed a green wall facade, to add more colour to the exterior of the house, however it wasn't properly executed in the rendering.

Overall i think the house looks great, it actually looks functional and purposeful. Although i would add more elements and textures to the exterior of the house, to offset the white concrete. I really enjoyed designing this since i was able to freely make something without anyone's input and that feeling was very refreshing. It gave me a chance to appreciate the software and get creative. I definitely wouldn't have thought of the green wall facade or the wooden beams if i had to draw it by hand. In many ways Revit has changed my perception of architecture, i find myself thinking of more complicated design and plans without feeling hesitant or discouraged.

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