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Architectural Design 1: Artist House

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

During the Spring Semester 2020, I had to design an Artist's House. The requirement was to provide an house for a painter/sculptor, the rooms included are a Gallery, an Office, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Guest Bedroom, Master Bedroom, 2 Kids Bedrooms, Pool and a Courtyard. I personally thought that having a courtyard in the house was excessive as it just wasted space within the house, but i had to include it. This design was to be on real plot next to my university area. The plot size was 20mx50m and it was 30 degrees from North. This was my first residential project, and compared to my previous projects, this didn't seem that difficult.

To start, i researched all the standard furniture that should be in a gallery and an home office. Since this was an legitimate plot, I made an Site Analysis ( study of the climatic, geographical, historical, legal, and infrastructural context of a specific site.) , Bubble diagram and a Zoning diagram

After that, I started researching residential house plan of famous artists. I found many, but my favorite was Frank Lloyd Wright's house in Chicago because he had a gallery and office in his house and connected them . He also had a different entrance for the gallery. In order not to disturb, his family members in the residential side of the house. I also developed an conceptual diagram showing the structure of the house.

When drafting early versions of my design, my professor encouraged me to tilt the Master Bedroom and the Kid's towards the north. To lessen the exposure to the sun. I tried executing this on a 3D Model using SketchUP however it looked wrong and confusing, since only 2 rooms we tilted and not straight. There also so many things i changed in the draft (Thankfully), like combining the 2 pools and removing the ramps on the side

For the Final Draft, i added more horizontal and vertical windows to contrast one another. For the courtyard i contained it with a storefront glass wall, this way a lot of natural light can enter in the living room and the dining room. In the first floor, both the master bedroom and the kids bedroom have a window facing the courtyard. Similar to Frank Lloyd Wright's House, I added a stairs in the gallery that leads to the office and pushed back the office, for the gallery to have a higher ceiling and allow the office to have a view of the gallery. I also used the garage as a terrance for the office.

Looking back at this project, I find things i might change yet I feel very proud of how detailed my isometrics are and how diverse my elevations look. I did hit a point through designing this where i thought i was over complicating it. I'm not sure if anyone would want this as a house, but it is a unique project. I think the requirements were very simple however the criteria and standard my professor was expecting was very high. For a certain amount of time, the design process felt like it would never finish since there were endless comments and mistakes. So i can say now i am very thankful this project is over.

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